1. Drone Over Hong Kong http://ift.tt/1gVhaIr

  2. Tatio Geyser Field in Chile Photos by Owen Perry http://ift.tt/1mlA2Ux

  3. Infrared Timelapse of Vietnamese Landscape http://ift.tt/1gU8ke8

  4. Time-slice Photo of Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse - Photo of the Day http://ift.tt/1qXbp08

  5. 3D LEGO Chalk Drawing of Terracotta Warriors http://ift.tt/1lgMdCI

  6. Banksy’s newest: Cell Phone Lovers and Other Favorites http://ift.tt/1haWeZQ

  7. JR’s Wrinkles http://ift.tt/1eJwOHX

  8. The Boneyard Project: Painting Decommissioned Aircraft http://ift.tt/1eJwOrD

  9. COMBO - Stop-motion Street Art Graffiti Movie from Blue http://ift.tt/1r5PtOC

  10. A Monument of Light - Turning a Gigantic Gas Tank into 320° LICHT | SPATIAL EXPERIENCE http://ift.tt/1qWkp5x