1. Eagle Hunting Kazakh Tradition Handed Down to 13-Year-Old Girl for the First Time http://ift.tt/1orKf3t

  2. World Cup Football Cam from Adidas http://ift.tt/1edBDDN

  3. POTD - To Laugh Often and Much by Ralph Waldo Emerson http://ift.tt/Pfew5U

  4. Beautiful Photo Manipulations by nois7 http://ift.tt/1kjQbp5

  5. Celebrity Actors Reading Poetry http://ift.tt/1pA5T2Q

  6. Stunning 24-Hour Infographic of the Productivity Habits of our Intellectual Heroes http://ift.tt/1oiKEFm

  7. Witty Animated GIFs with a Science Flavor from Hugo Germain http://ift.tt/PaCijo

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  9. Breathtakingly Vibrant Close-up Timelapse of Coral and Sponges http://ift.tt/1fyYqKG

  10. japaneseaesthetics:

    Zen calligraphy, 13th century, Japan

    (via shinoddddd)