1. 5 things I learned August 30, 2011


    1. Even though there wasn’t a lot of punch to Irene’s winds, the effect of clearing out normally thronging areas of NYC makes for good watching. http://5thin.gs/rg4qra


    2. Kubrik always seemed to shoot with a photographer’s eye, so these cinemagraphs from his movies are some of the most gorgeous and haunting around. http://5thin.gs/noMnBI


    3. How geniuses trying and pick up chicks. http://5thin.gs/nLzLve


    4. Abandoned palaces are sad and beautiful. So are abandoned industrial buildings. http://5thin.gs/rtjFD1


    5. James Bond of course had some badass cars. http://5thin.gs/r8Wvw5

    One thing from our friend

    Hayley Enright of Open Door Acupuncture taught me that acupuncture isn’t painful, expensive or uncomfortable. It is in fact soothing, affordable and comfortable.


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