1. Experience the Planets

    EXPERIENCE THE PLANETS is a stunning collective art project that aims to “illustrate [the planets’] wonders, weaving art and science together.”

    Here are some of the great HD wallpapers they offer.​

    From the Project Page:

    The cornerstone of ETP is its process, which holds each artist responsible for understanding and representing the science behind their work. Combining research with creative exploration and fact-based critique, the ETP community strives to make every piece an artist produces the best they’ve ever done.


  2. Modern Mad Men

    In anticipation of the beginning of Season 6 of AMC’s Mad Men (stream an Inside Look for free now), Shutterstock turned its designers loose on marking the delta from Mad Men to Modern Mad Men.​

    From the post:

    Our designers set their sights on the main Mad Men characters with that in mind, choosing an everyday symbol from their daily lives and transforming it through a 21-century lens. While most of these folks would be doing very similar work today, the tools they use to get it done would be quite different. (Just imagine what Peggy could accomplish with a MacBook at her disposal.) Read on to see what a difference a half-century can make.

    via Lost at E Minor

  3. 5 - Classic Pop Icons Hipsterized

    We’ve seen this before​, but we still love it.

    via Chrome Yellow

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  4. 5 things I learned June 5, 2012

    1. Directors Become Programmers And Programmers Become Gods [2 videos] http://5thin.gs/Kajf5y[[posterous-content:pid___0]]

    2. Aqueous Electro [7 photos] http://5thin.gs/Kai8Tt


    3. 16th Century sword fighting manual [14 photos] http://5thin.gs/KaiOrV[[posterous-content:pid___1]]

    4. Hand drawn site about tattoos and their meanings http://5thin.gs/KaiWrr[[posterous-content:pid___4]]

    5. 100 years of Paramount [image] http://5thin.gs/KairNO[[posterous-content:pid___5]]

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  5. 5 things I learned March 6, 2012

    1. Keep Calm & Carry On. The story. http://5thin.gs/xWQZy2



    2. Chasing the Moon http://5thin.gs/z9AxMJ



    3. Kuroshio Sea http://5thin.gs/Ar82Az



    4. Wire sculptures http://5thin.gs/yR8Xzb



    5. Early 20th Century photos of Paris http://5thin.gs/yKYtmd



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  6. 5 things I learned Jan 18, 2012

    1. Underwater photos of undersea things http://5thin.gs/vZFXKg

    2. National Geographic photos from the Lego factory http://5thin.gs/ybQoQV

    3. Colorized versions of iconic photos http://5thin.gs/ygluXy
    4. Just a video of a gorgeous great dane running 30 mph http://5thin.gs/zbCYOK

    5. Little Tombstone is a clever French animation http://5thin.gs/wsefXB

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  7. 5 things I learned October 29, 2011


    1. Boozers in film http://5thin.gs/sXotKv

    (the first of many embedded below)


    2. Types of Vamps http://5thin.gs/s9wEmN


    3. A new Ryan Gosling meme: typography! http://5thin.gs/rxs8of


    4. A movie about Ray and Charles Eames I wanna watch  http://5thin.gs/vAF2Bi


    5. Dots dots on people and places http://5thin.gs/uk5F2J

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  8. 5 things I learned October 18, 2011


    1. Nerdy love notes http://5thin.gs/nmpjoJ


    2. Super stunning photos of fog-shrouded San Francisco http://5thin.gs/qlVAPK


    3. A metamorphizing head sculpture in Charlotte http://5thin.gs/qXss7O


    4. Experts and lovers of sound ruminate on it http://5thin.gs/nFukjb


    5. LEVITATION! I want my hoverboard now! http://5thin.gs/nea7dl

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  9. 5 things I learned October 11, 2011

    1. Hand-drawn movie posters from Russia: awesome sauce http://5thin.gs/qUBi15



    2. Another homemade project reaching the edge of space http://5thin.gs/nzSsqC


    3. This car jumps rope http://5thin.gs/qTUrQc


    4. The Average Font averages the 900 fonts on the designers system http://5thin.gs/plM2SA

    5. This is a “I Can’t Pick” one that I am asking readers over on our Facebook page for their preference: Colour photos of circus performers from the 1940s & 50s (http://5thin.gs/qzVfPa) OR A very modern photoshoot of 1503 AD fashion (http://5thin.gs/n4lMl7). Which one is more interesting to you?

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