1. The Quick Crew

    From their website:​

    "Quick is Norwegian dance crew based in Oslo. Quick was formed in 2006 by twin brothers Suleman and Bilal Malik and their childhood friend Nasir Sirikhan. A year later also b-boy Kim Daniel Eriksen joined the crew. They started dancing in 2004 and have in few years managed to become one of the most successful dance crews in Europe."

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  2. 5 things I learned November 21, 2011


    1. Hip-hop Dressage [explicit]: O how i wish it were so http://5thin.gs/rVGUaa


    2. Dead-simple recipe for Dark Rum Caviar http://5thin.gs/tEl5S9


    3. Stunning urbanscapes http://5thin.gs/vPvjfV


    4. Public absurdity for fun and connection http://5thin.gs/uojaw3


    5. All the Beatle’s recordings all at once http://5thin.gs/vwK2IH

    All Together Now - Everything the Beatles ever did. by ramjac

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